What to wear for Spring 2023 ? The latest fashion trends

What to wear for Spring?

The spring season is already here, beautiful days with sun and pleasant weather, the best time to give a refresh to your wardrobe and put away those coats and winter cloths, switch to more beautiful and colourful style for this spring.

Majority of clothing stores already started selling their spring/summer collection and what a stunning pieces I found… oh my god I wanted to buy them all!!

I made a beautiful capsule wardrobe to share with you here, and inspire your future outfits, giving an idea of the latest trends for spring 2023 to anticipate your expectations from fashion stores this season.

What’s dominating this spring season is : denim skirts, long and midi dresses, oversized blazers, ballet flats. You’ll notice that brands are focusing more and more on sustainability, as this’s going to be the the new consumption trend for the coming years. it’s all about intemporel pieces you can match with what you already have in your closet to create trendy looks. 

Let’s have a look section by section to the latest fashion trends for this spring summer 2023 

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Fashion trends for Spring 2023

Wide leg jeans

Oversized blazers

Long and midi dresses

Denim skirts

Ballet flats

Hope you liked this selection, let me know in the comments which pieces you already have in your wardrobe and which one you absolutely want to have! 

*Disclaimer: this post may contain some affiliate links. 

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